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Appointments are proposed after an assessment of the entrepreneur's needs, in order to put the beneficiary on a logical path.

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The Office's experts

Carine Sfez

Company creation, business plan, management consultancy

Carine Sfez advises you on drawing up your business plan, setting up management tools and dashboards (cash flow forecasts, margin calculations, profitability analysis, etc.). She will accompany you right up to the creation of the business and then on its management, including assistance and financing.

A specialist in business economics and having worked for large groups, Carine Sfez created the CS Conseil firm in 2005, specialising in interim management, business creation support and management training.
She is the author of "Créer son entreprise" and "Un coach à vos côtés - créer son activité" published by Prat

Carine Sfez is available on Tuesday afternoons.

Christine Dubuisson

Sales administration and export

Christine Dubuisson is mainly involved in the definition of the sales price, the choice of the distribution network, the planning and preparation of commercial actions (drafting of the General Terms and Conditions, administrative management of orders and invoices) and export development.

With a degree in international trade, Christine Dubuisson created an export sales support unit in 1990 and, in this context, set up distribution networks in the United States, Europe and North Africa for companies in the decoration sector.

Christine Dubuisson is available one Monday morning per month.

Hélène Denamps

Brand communication

Hélène Denamps will help you develop your brand communication and define your marketing strategy. She provides you with a personalised service to define your positioning in relation to the competition and to develop, structure and present your offer. She also deals with the content of your website, the use of social networks, the selection of your photos and your keywords, all of which are essential to get noticed.

Hélène Denamps is a graduate of ESMOD Paris and ESSEC Management specialising in marketing and business development. After a career devoted to the development of fashion and accessories brands in France, Japan and the United States, she is now a consultant-trainer.

Hélène Denamps is available two Wednesday mornings a month

Laurence Susini

Brand communication

Laurence Susini accompanies the birth of the company and the brand: emergence strategies, positioning logic, brand architecture, packaging of the offer, brand-content. She also works on communication strategy and personal branding (definition and content).

A graduate of the Sorbonne in linguistics and public law, her professional career has mainly been in the field of communication (advertising, corporate, political communication).

Laurence Susini is available one Tuesday morning per month.

Capucine Cayla-Horvilleur

Legal advice

Capucine Cayla-Horvilleur advises individuals, entrepreneurs and companies in the fields of contract law and property law, corporate law, real estate law and employment law. She acts both as an advisor and in litigation.

Capucine Cayla-Horvilleur is a member of the Paris Bar and has a postgraduate degree in personal law and a postgraduate degree in new information and communication technologies.

Capucine Cayla-Horvilleur is available one Friday morning per month.

Aurélie Delafond-Nielsen

Legal advice

Aurélie Delafond Nielsen has been a member of the Paris Bar since 2006 and specialises in intellectual property law (copyright, design law, trademark law, patent law).

Aurélie Delafond-Nielsen has been a member of the Paris Bar since 2006 and holds a postgraduate degree in applied intellectual property law.

Aurélie Delafond-Nielsen is available one Friday morning per month.

Permanence of the Couveuse Le GEAI

On Thursdays, Françoise Gandillet, a BGE PaRIF advisor, welcomes and advises the "brood" of the art trades branch of the GEAI incubator.

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