Supporting the actions of the Ateliers de Paris

More than fifteen years ago, the City of Paris created the Ateliers de Paris, a business incubator designed to support the development and wider influence of the art, fashion and design professions in Paris and beyond. Since then, more than two hundred professionals have successfully developed their activity there.

You can support the actions of Les Ateliers de Paris by making a donation to the Fund via our campaign on the KissKissBankBank website.

Let's grow the talent that makes Paris shine

Sixteen residents were invited to create a work emblematic of creation in Paris, a map of the capital enriched with sixteen different skills, which celebrate the work of the hand, innovation, the art of reinvention, adaptability and the pleasure of working together. Through the choice of a common colour scheme, different techniques coexist to form a coherent whole. Along the streets of Paris, one walks from one material to another with curiosity.

Atelier Alba, Atelier Lucile Viaud, Lily Alcaraz and Léa Berlier, William Amor, Wendy Andreu, Maxime Bellaunay, Sophie Dalla Rosa, Studio Ekceli, Nelson Fossey, Aline Houdé-Diébolt, Tony Jouanneau and Clémentine Brandibas, Solène Léglise, Karl Mazlo, Janaïna Milhero, Samuel Tomatis, Studio Monsieur   

The Talents


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