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In order to facilitate the search for premises by professionals, the City of Paris has set up a dedicated platform listing the vacant premises of social landlords and Semaest, and a form for requesting premises from GIE Paris Commerce, available from the Office's real estate division.

The City of Paris also provides financial support to social landlords for the rehabilitation of premises for creative professionals.

Several real estate projects have seen the light of day: the Villa du Lavoir, which with its 1,000 m² houses more than twenty designers, or Métropole 19, whose redevelopment of 3,000 m² has made it possible to accommodate some thirty companies. The eight premises of the Caserne des Minimes, which will be inaugurated in 2020, will add to a park of seven sites of 18,085m² dedicated to fashion, design and arts and crafts.

The Industry Court

11th district

Located at 37bis rue de Montreuil, in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, the Cour de l'Industrie is one of the last remaining 19th century industrial courtyards in the heart of the historic Faubourg Saint-Antoine district. In 2008, the City of Paris commissioned Semaest to rehabilitate and rebuild the courtyard, while maintaining the activities of the 50 artists and craftsmen present.

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The Taillanders craft city

11th district

Located in the heart of the Faubourg Saint Antoine, the Taillandiers is a small artisanal housing estate, acquired in 2004 by the City of Paris, in order to preserve the artisanal and heritage vocation of the site.

The rehabilitation of this building by the RIVP was based on the principle of modularity to offer a new organization of the surfaces with a potential of 25 lots that can be combined to offer larger surfaces according to needs.

The objective of this place is to create an ecosystem allowing craft companies to develop in premises adapted to their needs, in all its dimensions (small-scale manufacturing, arts and crafts) thus promoting the "Made in Paris".

City Hall of the 11th district

The Viaduct of Arts

12th district

The Viaduc des Arts is the former Bastille viaduct, built in the mid-19th century to support the Paris/Bastille-Varenne railway line. Inaugurated in 1859, this line was decommissioned a century later and replaced by the RER A. In the early 1980s, the City of Paris decided to rehabilitate this place and dedicate these vaults to arts and crafts. The Viaduct was restored between 1990 and 2000 by the Semaest with the help of the architect Patrick Berger.

A showcase for arts and crafts and contemporary creation in Paris, the Viaduc des Arts is now home to 37 artisans who exercise their talents in various fields of fashion, design, decoration, culture, jewelry, etc.

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Nicolas Scordia

La Villa du Lavoir

10th district

Scenographers, upholsterers, textile designers, jewellery designers, stylists, stained glass designers and printers... These are just some of the artists who have been occupying the new workshops of the Villa du Lavoir, a veritable artisanal city dedicated to creative industries, fashion and crafts in the 10th arrondissement, since June 2019.

This program includes workshops on a total useful surface of 950 m² and 7 social housing units. The RIVP, the city hall of the 10th district of Paris and the Arc de l'innovation Grand Paris had joined forces to launch a call for applications which designated 12 winners.

Villa du Lavoir (Group photo)
Villa du Lavoir

Workshop M1D

13th district

Delivered in 2012 by Semapa and operated by DAE since 2014, Atelier M1D is home to some 20 designers, high-end creators, artisans, photographers.

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Laure Vasconi

Metropolis 19

Located at 130/140 rue d'Aubervilliers in the 19th arrondissement, this industrial hotel consists of 2 buildings representing a total useful area of 14,320m².

Managed by the RIVP, it hosts about 15 creators/makers. The Chambre des Métiers et de l'Artisanat rents 1,000m2 of space, which it has converted into 22 premises (one third of which is an incubator) for artisans.


The Aubry City

20th district

The industrial hotel located in the Cité Aubry, entrusted to the RIVP, brings together numerous young companies, craftsmen and startups specializing in the creative and manufacturing trades: manufacturing and trading of ready-to-wear clothing, restoration of works of art, bronze-making, creation of art objects, design of perfume packaging, etc.


The Minimes barracks

4th district

Located just a few steps from the Place des Vosges, this historic building was the Convent of the Minimes from 1605 to 1790. The church of the convent was sold during the Revolution and demolished in 1798. The place was transformed into barracks of gendarmerie, of the Revolution until our days.

The Caserne des Minimes is now a 7,550 m2 real estate complex in the heart of the Marais, supported by Élogie-Siemp, which includes 70 social housing units and 8 workshops dedicated to art craftsmen.

Joséphine Brueder / Ville de Paris

The Barracks

10th district

Disused since 2005, the Château-Landon fire station, commonly known as La Caserne, has been refurbished following a call for projects launched by the City of Paris, and is now a "gas pedal of ecological and societal transition" dedicated to the fashion and luxury industries. La Caserne is home to a dozen project initiators, and is behind a number of master classes and events.

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Jean-Baptiste Gurliat / Ville de Paris

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