The experts

Who are the expert meetings for? What topics are covered? How do I make an appointment?

The expert meetings are available by appointment to entrepreneurs in the Ile-de-France region in the creative professions. They concern support for creative businesses at all stages of development (business plan, management advice, communication advice, legal advice).
To make an appointment, please contact the Bureau du Design, de la Mode et des Métiers d'Art on 01 71 18 75 70 or 01 44 73 83 50.

What are the fees for interviews with experts?

For appointments with experts, a fee of €28 entitles you to an appointment.
No appointment will be provided free of charge.

The incubator

I need advice on my business creation project, on my professional activity, who to contact?

The head of the Office's Advice/Training Unit, Mathilde Nony, can meet with you by appointment. Please send an email explaining your project to the following address:

What are the requirements for applying to the incubator?

You will find all the information about the Ateliers de Paris residency here.
Entering the Ateliers de Paris residency does not require sponsorship.

Applications are evaluated on the basis of the selection criteria described in the link above.
The call for applications for the Ateliers de Paris residency is launched every year on our website.

How do you contact the residents in your incubators?

The residents and their contact details are listed here.

Is it possible to visit the incubator?

The Ateliers de Paris incubator is a place of work for creators in residence. Visits are therefore not possible for the general public.
If you have an associative or professional project and would like to visit the Ateliers de Paris in this capacity, you can send an email to to present your project.

Training courses

What are the courses? How do I enrol?

The training courses are offered to registered entrepreneurs and cover all stages of business life: commercial strategy, export, communication....
Training programme and registration.

What are the rates?

The price of the training courses depends on your turnover.
More information and training programme here.

Search for premises

I'm looking for premises, what should I do? Who should I contact?

The Bureau relays calls for projects or applications for available premises in Paris. In order to keep you informed of these calls for projects, we invite you to follow the Bureau du Design, de la Mode et des Métiers d'Art on the social networks and to subscribe to the newsletter.

We also invite you to consult the following websites

Calls for applications

I would like to apply for the Grands Prix de la Création, the Prix Savoir-faire en transmission, how can I do this?

The calls for applications for the Grands Prix de la Création and the Prix Savoir-faire en transmission are open once a year. It is then possible to apply by downloading the application forms that you will find on the website.
The application periods are announced in the newsletter and on the social networks of the Bureau.


I saw that you have a directory of creative professionals, how can I register?

To appear in this directory, please send a message with your contact details and a description of your activity to the following e-mail address:
For any change in your company (change of address or situation), we invite you to send an e-mail to the same address so that we can update your information on the site.

I am looking for an internship in a company...

It is not the role of the Office to provide information on internship opportunities. We invite you to consult the list of professionals in our address book or on the Incubator and Awards pages, and to contact them to tell them what you are looking for.


I would like to become a partner of the Bureau of Design, Fashion and Crafts.

We invite you to contact Pierre Sliosberg, the Office's Partnership Officer, at the following address:

I would like to make a donation to the Fund for the Ateliers de Paris.

The Fonds pour les Ateliers de Paris was created by the Bureau pour le développement des métiers de la création. This fund is aimed at companies and foundations directly concerned with the development of the art trades, fashion and design, and wishing to be associated with the actions carried out by the City of Paris.

For more information, individuals or professionals, please contact:


What are the major events in which the Office is a partner?

The Bureau participates in numerous events such as the European Crafts Days, the Révélations biennial at the Grand Palais, the Émergences Biennial in Pantin, Paris Design Week... Find all the news here.

Do you have a programme of events for 6 months, 1 year?

To find out about the programme of exhibitions and other events, we invite you to consult our news on our website and to subscribe to the Bureau's newsletter.