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Since 2016, the monitoring of the 3 schools of applied arts of the City of Paris, Boulle, Estienne and Duperré, for questions of works, budget and human resources is carried out by the Department of Attractiveness and Employment. First within the Bureau de l'Enseignement Supérieur, and since 2018 by the Bureau du Design, de la Mode et des Métiers d'Art.

The Office works on the implementation of various actions: professional integration, promotion of students' work, promotion of training courses, etc.
In this context, the Office is a partner of the Design and Art Professions campus.

  • 2 000 Students per year in the Paris schools of applied arts

For 135 years, the Ecole Boulle has trained generations of craftsmen, designers and creative architects.

Today, it welcomes 1,000 students from the second year to the master's level, in the following art professions: cabinetmaking, marquetry, tapestry-decoration, seat carpentry, decoration and surface treatment, woodcarving, furniture restoration, model engraving, ornamental engraving, metal application design, chiselling, art turning, jewellery and jewel art, and design (product, space and communication).

Boulle has an international reputation and welcomes students from all over the world. It collaborates with schools on all continents . Between tradition and innovation, the school is now developing creative and forward-looking approaches in all sectors.

The Boulle School
The Boulle School

The Duperré school trains students in fashion design, but also in space and graphic design. It also offers excellent training in textile arts (embroidery, weaving and tapestry) and ceramics. It places students at the crossroads of art and design, putting know-how and innovation at the heart of the creative process.

Founded in 1856, the Duperré School, a public school of higher education of the City of Paris, welcomes 500 students per year, from DNMADE to Master. Dynamism, risk-taking and a taste for discovery are at work in this school, supported by a team of committed, demanding and caring teachers in a climate of freedom and rigorous work.

Numerous in-company projects put students at the heart of the rhythms and demands of the professional world, inviting them to work as a team.

Duperré has been included in Business of Fashion's 2019 ranking of the world's best fashion schools.

Facade of the Duperré school (1)
Duperré School

Located not far from the Butte aux Cailles, on the Boulevard Auguste-Blanqui, in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, the school offers its students a quality environment and excellent teaching.

Since its first graduating class in 1889, the École Estienne has seen renowned artists such as the illustrator Lucien Fontanarosa, the photographer Robert Doisneau, the cartoonists Cabu and Siné, and the typographer Albert Boton.

The Estienne school is now over 120 years old and continues tocombine tradition and innovation throughout the graphic design chain.

Originally dedicated to printing, the Estienne school has become the school for communication design and book arts. Aware of the constant evolution of the sector, it has been able to adapt to its environment and currently offers courses in digital communication and 3D animation.

Facade of the Estienne school
The Estienne School

The City of Paris wished to join the Campus Métiers d'art & Design in order to promote the richness and quality of the various schools of the City of Paris dedicated to the creative professions (Boulle, Estienne and Duperré schools of applied arts, the École professionnelle supérieure d'art graphique et d'architecture de la Ville de Paris, and vocational high schools), toincrease the links between these schools, to promote dialogue between creation and research, and to continue to support the various publics in order to facilitate their professional integration.

The Art & Design Trades Campus / National Furniture

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