An endowment fund created by the City of Paris in 2012, the Fonds pour les Ateliers de Paris aims to strengthen and accelerate the support actions carried out by the Office. It is administered by a Board of Directors of 10 members, and advised by 1 expert.

It acts to support and stimulate the professional development of creators and to encourage job creation, to facilitate the transmission of know-how between experienced professionals and young talents, and to animate the professional networks of the creative professions in France and abroad. By multiplying its sponsorship actions, the Fund defends innovation and a sustainable professional environment, raising the level of excellence of Parisian know-how and creators by creating a real dynamic between public and private actors.

The Fonds pour les Ateliers de Paris sets up sponsorship programmes each year:

  • Increase of the endowments of the Grands Prix de la Création de la Ville de Paris
  • Creation of new Knowledge Transfer Awards
  • Financing of training programmes, international programmes and creative workshops
  • Support for events to promote the sector

Thanks to the commitment of its sponsors, the Fund has supported nearly 400 beneficiaries, including 53 winners of the Grands Prix de la Création de la Ville de Paris, 70 professionals who have benefited from collective training, 128 participants in creative workshops (design and reuse, interdisciplinary creathons). It also financed 38 new Savoir-Faire transmission awards and contributed to the financing of 3 international exchanges (Belgium and the Netherlands).

Each project has an associated sponsor recognition programme.

Video by Sophie Poupaert of Blouson Noir

Member of the Board of Directors


Founder of Ateliers de Paris, Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of crafts from 2001 to 2014, President of the Institut National des Métiers d'arts (INMA) from 2016 to 2019


Lorraine DAUCHEZ
Founder of ARTEUM, distributor and publisher of cultural and tourist products

Retail entrepreneur & consultant, creator of Résonances et Merci, designer ofEmpreintes

Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of trade, crafts, liberal professions, arts and crafts and fashion

Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of tourism and nightlife

Dominique FRENTZ
Director of Attractiveness and Employment of the City of Paris (DAE)

Director of Cultural Affairs of the City of Paris (DAC)

Graphic designer, former resident of the Ateliers de Paris, founder of the Blouson Noir agency, patron of the arts

Bénédicte MAITRE
Founder of EKEKO, a support company dedicated to creative businesses

Maurizio GALANTE
Designer, fashion designer


Lauriane DURIEZ
Head of the Office of Design, Fashion and Art Professions of the City of Paris and Director of the Ateliers de Paris

Support the Fund

As an individual

By becoming a sponsor, you contribute to :

  • Stimulating creation and innovation to create jobs and support business development
  • Promoting the creations of uniquely talented professionals
  • Make the bet(s), of world capital of creation

Individual sponsors benefit from tax advantages. The tax reduction is equal to 66% of the amounts paid, up to an annual limit of 20% of taxable income. If the limit of 20% of income is exceeded, the benefit of the reduction can be carried forward to the next 5 years. (Article 200 of the CGI).

As a company

By becoming a sponsor, you contribute to :

  • Involve your company, your employees and your skills in innovative projects that encourage talented professionals in all stages of their development
  • Establish a long-term partnership dynamic
  • Contribute to increasing the economic dynamism of the Paris Metropolis, and participate in the international influence of Paris

Corporate sponsors benefit from tax advantages, with a reduction in corporate tax. The tax reduction is equal to 60% of the amount of the donation made in cash, in skills or in kind, up to a limit of 0.5% of turnover or a ceiling of €10,000 before tax, with the possibility, if this ceiling is exceeded, of carrying forward the excess to the next five financial years. (Article 238 bis-1 of the CGI).


Pierre Sliosberg

Partnership Manager

Tel: + 33 1 71 18 75 48