This workshop aims to understand the composition of an invoice, the mandatory information to be included, the difference between an invoice for the sale of work, for the transfer of rights and for fees. The workshop will also address the charges to be set aside, unpaid bills, the time limits for keeping them and the tools for daily management.

Target audience: Any designer, art craftsman, registered at the Maison des artistes wishing to better master the administrative and accounting aspects of his activity.

Speaker: Delphine Toutain is the founder of TADA

Passionate about the visual arts since her adolescence, Delphine began to take an interest in the management of an artist's work when she joined Picasso Administration after her law studies in Intellectual Property. She then went to New York and then Paris to train in the field in artists' studios.

She completed her tour of the art world by working at Sotheby's and with exhibition curators, and then decided to use her skills to empower artists.

Delphine Toutain co-founded the visual artists' association ASAP and has made available to artists some of the tools she uses on a daily basis in the book she co-wrote, the Artist's Backpack.

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