Galatée was trained in metal techniques at ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres. After obtaining her DMA in metal, she discovered jewellery in Budapest during her Erasmus stay. Back in Paris, she trained as a contemporary jeweller at the AFEDAP, and confirmed her vocation as a jeweller.
Both designer and manufacturer, she manipulates metals and plastics in an amusing search for signage. Her work, based on the observation of the role given to jewellery and the image it reflects, gives her creations a meaning that goes beyond coquetry. By attracting attention, they become objects of communication and thus encourage us to question the functions of jewellery.
Since 2009, Galatée has been part of the GLA collective, which proposes a new look at jewellery through surprising exhibitions. Galatée is also active in the association d'un Bijou à l'Autre, a group of jewellers and designers based in Paris, which seeks to improve the visibility of contemporary jewellery.