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Resident Profile - Mathilde Gullaud

Mathilde Gullaud, designer and resident at Ateliers de Paris in 2016, embraces an unbridled eclecticism. Constantly on the lookout for new materials to discover and develop, her creative process consists of exploring them or making them collide.

Color holds a strong place in her work. She likes it to be explosive, in balance, and its kinetics to surprise from every point of view. Object, space and spectator are the three pillars of each of her projects, which she takes towards dreams and illusion. 

She nourishes her collection of textures and contrasts through life-changing experiences. The empyrean sky of Kamouraska, winding up Table Mountain, being hypnotized by the active Stromboli... all memories that she invokes to transcribe them in her creations.

Scenography of the Marchialy exhibition at the Musée Géo-Charles in Échirolles - until October 30, 2022

Mathilde graduated in Object and Space Design at the Beaux-arts de Lyon. She then completed a post-graduate degree in Design & Research at the School of Art and Design in Saint-Étienne, after which she founded her design studio in Paris.

Sensitive to this idea of perpetual quest in the making and the manipulation, she creates furniture, designs scenographies, sets and realizes the artistic direction of photo shooting.

EOS wall light © Mathilde Gullaud
Tomanowos stones - Soliflores ©Leonard Oliviero

Mathilde Gullaud likes to challenge herself by exploring other territories, such as the elaboration of a musical event mixing interviews, round table and concerts. For her experiences she knows how to surround herself and associate herself with other professionals with complementary skills.

Decor for the exhibition Journey to Transylvania at Grand Countrol (collaboration with the architect Géraud Pellottiero)


From September 9, Mathilde is invited to join Marianna Ladreyt to expose their universes in a particular context. 

On the occasion of Paris Design Week, Galeries Lafayette Champs-Élysées opened the doors of the boardroom, the former boardroom of the First National City Bank, to designers Mathilde Gullaud and Marianna Ladreyt. A duo show that brings together the room and its furniture, currently used as a private lounge, with the abundant imaginations of the two artists.

Like an adventurer of cosmic lands, the visitor is invited to tread the ground of a new planet: a colorful universe where new materials and forms are invading chairs, sofas, tables, carpets... 

Inspired by events such as the conquest of the moon, meteorite falls, the first animal species or fossilization, Mathilde Gullaud and Marianna Ladreyt wanted to create a scene halfway between science fiction and fantasy, with new objects: explosive colors, off the beaten path, at once confusing, funny and disturbing.

PARADIS PERDUS" exhibition
September 9 to 18, 2022, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Boardroom of Galeries Lafayette Champs-Élysées
, 60 av des Champs-Élysées, 75008 - 2nd floor


Workshop : 4A Villa du Lavoir, 75010 Paris

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