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Resident Profile - Sophie Poupaert

From 2013 to 2015, Sophie Poupaert was in residence at Les Ateliers de Paris. An experience certainly at the origin of the path she is taking since 2021!

Initially graduated from the Boulle school in product design (in 2008), Sophie also trained in evening classes in related disciplines: graphic design, motion design and illustration.

Thanks to her creative profile with a wild imagination and her particular ease in the development of entrepreneurial projects, she has accompanied a number of clients in brand strategy and corporate positioning for 15 years.

Since the end of her residency, the desire to share with entrepreneurs her ability to structure a business and manage customer relationships has never left her.

She then continued to train, in parallel with her professional activity, in business structuring, strategy, marketing, finance, communication, organization and management, with more than 350 hours of training at Ateliers de Paris and elsewhere.

In 2021, Sophie made this project a reality and created her training organization, BLOUSON NOIR, for entrepreneurs in the creative professions.


As a mentor & trainer, she shares with entrepreneurs (beginners and experienced) her own methodologies that she has perfected and adapted over the course of her various ventures, to make them both motivating, functional and ergonomic.

She created the support, L'UNIVERSCITÉ, the complete program to structure, balance and develop one's professional activity. It helps to make your work more profitable and to develop your turnover, to put time at the service of your objectives but also to take action on the aspects that creators often experience difficulty in: prospecting, selling and managing "abusive" requests from customers.

Having been through the issues frequently encountered by creative entrepreneurs herself, Sophie also delivers tips on her Instagram account @blousonnoir and de-dramatizes surprising client requests with her weekly What The FAQ column.


Valuing and promoting the creative professions is particularly close to her heart, which is why she has committed herself in 2019 alongside the Fonds de Dotation des Ateliers de Paris and will join the Board of Directors in 2021.

Illustration for the Fonds pour les Ateliers de Paris © Sophie Poupaert


20, rue Primo Levi - 75013 PARIS

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