The Matrioshka project, created by the collective quatorze, was installed for 3 weeks on the Berges de Seine as part of the innovative demonstrators.
The first prototype was developed at POC21 and self-financed.

MATRIOSHKA -Urban furniture project

Winner of the Visa Buenos Aires competition / prototype in development

Partners: BDMMA - Paris City Council and Centro Metropolitano de Diseño de Buenos Aires - City of Buenos Aires

Team: Romain Minod, Rubén Salvador Torres, Nancy Ottaviano

The project

Matrioshka is a connected urban furniture. It is a possible archetype for the development of third places thanks to the event-based installations in the public space that it allows. Matrioshka is intended to be both a meeting space and a nomadic work space. This installation is in line with the "faire ensemble" and prolongs the evolution of the format of meetings which are more and more often named workshop, barcamp, meet-up... The city dwellers could, thus, take possession of Matrioshka during their free time, work or for external meetings. Matrioshka is also emblematic of the new models of energy microproduction and is intended to be adaptable to different urban ecosystems, to transform the practices of occupation of public space.

It is designed to power 4 computers and 6 mobile phones simultaneously from free renewable energy. This object also has an access point, a WiFi router, plugs and USB ports.

Today, we are still dependent on the existing grid to supply us with energy for our daily needs. With Matrioshka, staying connected to and away from the grid even when outside will be possible.

Through its size, use and design, Matrioshka aims to raise public awareness of the efficiency of micro energy production, a major issue in the renewal of production methods. Indeed, by dividing up production and encouraging local supplies, energy dependence, large infrastructure networks and their costly maintenance are reduced. The concept of energy microproduction is today an innovative solution in the process of development. A major theme of Do It Yourself (DIY) thinking, micro energy production allows for autonomy with regard to resources sold on the market. The economic development of such a concept is not comparable to the logic of the current energy market, but offers, however, to its purchaser a long-term profitability, by ensuring energy independence and a better living environment.

Matrioshka is designed to be multiplied and integrated in various urban contexts, thus participating in its own way, in terms of energy production and urban logistics, in the necessary global energy transition.

Matrioshka on the banks of the Seine
Matrioshka on the banks of the Seine