A new approach is often born from unexpected encounters. This is the case of ABOUT A WORKER. In 2011, Kim Hou, who is studying design, and Paul Boulenger, with a business school profile, became friends during an exchange student in London. Although they went their separate ways, they never lost sight of each other and met again one weekend in 2011 in Brussels. Paul falls in love with a 1910 "Blue" and Kim convinces him to buy it, convinced that it is an essential and that she will make it into her final project. This was the beginning of the ABOUT A WORKER adventure, which took shape in 2017 when, together, they decided to entrust the design of clothing to textile factory workers, who are too often invisible. Nobody gives a voice to the people who make the clothes," explains Paul. We put them back at the centre of fashion thinking. »

The first collaboration with a social integration workshop in Saint-Denis was a success that led to others: work with women in a sewing workshop in a prison in Venice, a capsule with the handlers of La Redoute, a line designed with 5 women who had been made redundant from a textile factory in Shenzhen, China. ABOUT A WORKER follows and puts in place tools to help those who are not used to being consulted. Exchanges, logbooks with pre-drawn silhouettes to complete... the tools are adapted according to the context in order to develop "catwalk" outfits, unique pieces sometimes bought by museums, and more affordable ready-to-wear with, always, this will to put the human in the light.