This prize is a particularly important recognition when one has, like me, worked in his cave for years, devoted much time to research. And it obviously gives visibility to the colors of the crushed minerals!

Caroline Besse

Caroline Besse does not surf on a green trend. For 20 years she has been developing a palette made of natural materials, without solvents. Trained as a classical decorative painter, she began by creating numerous frescoes. At the same time, she studied traditional Chinese medicine and became passionate about Buddhist sacred art. "This is how I discovered mineral painting. The intensity and vibration of these colors touched me and gave me the desire to develop my own techniques and contemporary creative proposals. I studied different traditions: Japanese but also Byzantine icons, while deepening the relationship to the body in the gesture of the drawing. Since 2017, all the decorations and paintings I propose are made only with the colors of crushed minerals."

Many architects and decorators are sensitive to this unique and original work that hides a radiant personality. They have notably called upon her to create a fresco in the VIP lounges of the Van Cleef & Arpels house, on Place Vendôme. My reflection on the perception of color is linked to the human being," says Caroline. Immersed in the mineral, the eye opens to the powers of color.


Éric Laignel

Caroline Besse