Laura's work with glass is closely linked to her education. "I studied interior architecture at the Arts Déco and glass interests me on the scale of interior design. I only consider it in the form of large pieces, panels, lights... which structure the space, notably through light. I don't follow the pure and hard tradition of stained glass because it's the spatial dimension that fascinates me. Moreover, although the stained glass tradition is very beautiful, the use of lead does not suit me. »

Laura has therefore combined classical know-how with technical innovation. She designs her projects on computer and laser cutting allows her to obtain elements of incredible precision and a final result very close to her drawings. These elements are fired with a copper structure to be assembled. The very large creations are designed in several pieces that can be transported safely before being fixed together with assembly screws. This approach gives Laura's creations a unique "touch" that attracts decorators and private individuals who meet her at trade fairs. Obviously, glass, her raw material, is also the object of all her attention. Although she currently uses plates purchased from specialist suppliers, she is also working on a technique to obtain gradations and combine colours, in order, as she says, "to go beyond the constraints of colour. »


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