A graduate of the École Boulle, Lucile Viaud is a designer specialising in the development of bio-sourced materials.

She develops a transdisciplinary approach where form and function derive from the material and its intrinsic properties. It is within the framework of her diploma project (2014-2015) that she sets up the beginnings of the project Ostraco, halieutic design.

Resident at the Ateliers de Paris from 2016 to 2018, she founded the Atelier Lucile Viaud and created her brand Ostraco ®, awarded the Observeur du design 2018 label. 

Its first collection of pots received the sustainable development star from the APCI in partnership with ADEME. The workshop was distinguished in the "sustainable development" category of the CREACC 2018 competition and is now supported by the Emergys Bretagne scheme.