"I'm going from trainee to workshop manager, I don't think you could hope for anything better!" - Jonathan Prioux

Jonathan Prioux, winner of the 2022 Savoir-faire en transmission awards, is currently working at theImprimerie d'art des Montquartiers in Issy-les Moulineaux, alongside Pascal Duriez.

Jonathan has a professional baccalaureate and a BTS in printing production. It is through a colleague of Pascal's, who does copper engraving and who had already hosted a trainee in the framework of the "Prix Savoir-faire en transmission", that Jonathan knew about the Prize.

Since the start of his internship, Jonathan has been able to practice graphic design and printing on several art books: "On art books, we do almost everything from A to Z, not just the printing. We do, however, subcontract the binding and leatherwork, as we don't necessarily have the right equipment in the workshop".

Mame Bousso
Mame Bousso

The two artisans had already worked together before, so the workshop was an opportunity for Jonathan to consolidate his learning with more traditional techniques.

"Here, printing doesn't work in the same way as at my previous training courses, as the machines don't require the same process. This allowed me to get back to the roots of real printing, which is what I was looking for, this less modern and more classic side of printing."

Jonathan Prioux

With Pascal Duriez retiring, the workshop will be taken over by an editor and with Jonathan as workshop manager: "After 48 years of work and the approaching retirement, the goal would be to train him in the most complete way
so that he can take over the workshop."