"It was the work experience I needed to put into practice what I'd learned during my studies and complete my apprenticeship." - Mathilde Louis

Mathilde Louis, winner of the 2022 Savoir-faire en transmission awards, interned with Delphine Nobili atAtelier Lebuisson.

During her internship, Mathilde had the opportunity to practice a number of disciplines, from creating pieces and samples for customers to retouching for haute couture houses. She also practiced textile research, a task that allowed her to let her creativity flow and, above all, to experiment with totally different techniques: "We use a lot of beads, cord, wool... Materials that are much more creative than in traditional embroidery" .

Mame Bousso

At the studio, Mathilde works alongside interns and work-study students, as well as freelancers: "The advantage is that we often have large productions to produce, which means we can work with several people from different backgrounds, ages and maturity levels".

Mame Bousso

At the end of her apprenticeship, Mathilde was hired on a permanent basis in the workshop as an assistant embroidery stylist: "Mathilde is passionate and you can feel it! She's integrated well, learns quickly and is very talented. I can see that she likes it here, so when she asked me to sign her up to a permanent contract, it seemed logical to say yes!" - Delphine Nobili

"I'm delighted to be able to continue this adventure alongside the creative team and to be able to play a part in the company's development so that I can continue to build up my professional and personal experience. For me, this internship has been an opportunity to launch myself more serenely into the world of work." 

Mathilde Louis