"This long internship gave me real professional experience" - Mila Gomez

Mila Gomez, winner of the 2022 Savoir-faire en transmission awards, completed her internship at Ateliers Moret with cutter-engraver Matthieu Perramant.

After studying animation, Mila entered theÉcole Estienne in printmaking: "I loved it right away! You get to feel the material all day long, bringing the image to life by hand, and that makes sense to me." She then completed her first internship at Ateliers Moret in March 2021, which she continued at the end of her studies thanks to the Prix Savoir-faire en transmission: "I was in the same class as a former winner, Marius Tessier, who told me about it."

Les Ateliers Moret, which has been in existence since 1947, specializes in intaglio printmaking. They support artists with printing and/or engraving projects, and guide them towards certain techniques that best suit their practice. The workshop carries out all technical manipulations, such as aquatint laying and firing, and acid etching. One of the workshop's specialties is aciérage, a technique that covers the plate with a layer of steel to protect the copper and enable a larger number of prints to be made.

Mame Bousso
Mame Bousso

During her internship, Mila helped with engraving and printing, accompanying artists and developing her own clientele of artists as she went along.

"Winning the award has enabled me to develop my craft. When you leave school, in reality, you've been taught the ropes, but you lack technique and experience, especially in our craft trades. I realized that I didn't know how to print very well. What's more, each workshop has its own way of doing things.

Mila Gomez

Following her internship, Mila will work as a cutter and stamper in the workshop with Matthieu Perramant and Didier Manonviller as a self-employed entrepreneur: "Keeping this workshop alive and evolving, which at 76 years old makes me very proud!"