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Resident profile - Delphine Gotti

Creator of Maison Finou, an inclusive, eco-responsible lingerie brand made in Paris.

Solenne Jakovsky

Delphine is the designer of the Maison Finou lingerie brand, in residence at Les Ateliers de Paris since July 2023.

With a master's degree in luxury fashion and art of living, Delphine worked for 8 years in the textile sector in purchasing, production and collection development, before retraining to become a craftswoman in pattern-making and high-end assembly to realize her dream: creating a lingerie brand for all body shapes and stories.

Aware that many people can't find comfortable lingerie that shows them off - finding herself in a size niche herself - she created Maison Finou in 2019. 

A brand that's committed, inclusive, eco-responsible and made in Paris.

Solenne Jakovsky

The concept is simple: comfortable, sensual pieces that feel good and can be fitted directly to the body. An innovative vision, with Lingerie Therapy as a key concept.

The Lingerie Therapy experience is the creation of a set of lingerie made especially for each individual.
The experience includes a meeting with the Maison Finou team, fittings, and a sincere and attentive listening to each person's needs.

The brand's promise: to bring out the best in every customer, so that everyone feels comfortable and at ease in their own skin.
Always without underwiring, the models are designed to provide perfect support for even the strongest breasts, whatever the age or morphology of the wearer.

Diane Barbier

Maison Finou is the dream of dressing everyone, with the intention of creating versatile, long-lasting pieces that will follow you throughout your day and evening: a project that started with the unique vision of a creative craftswoman, and today extends to a small team.

It's a story of encounters, and it's these that enable the brand to evolve, grow and offer new, ever more inclusive designs. Inspired by people's daily lives and journeys, Delphine realized that certain requests were coming back regularly, which led to the creation of pieces that are now timeless for the brand.

Gil Vicente

Today, Maison Finou offers collections in standardized sizes - from 32 to 56 & from A to H cups - that can always be adjusted directly to the body, according to the desires and needs of each individual, including those with disabilities.
Each piece is made to order in Maison Finou's workshop at 28 rue Faidherbe, 75011 Paris, within the BDMMA.

Gil Vicente

Delphine has always had a passion for lingerie. A passion inherited from her two seamstress grandmothers: one with a genuine taste for beautiful lingerie, the other with a more medical interest in view of her mastectomy following breast cancer. Delphine wanted to combine these two approaches to lingerie, offering both aesthetic and functional creations.

As a result, the brand is able to adapt each of its models to compensate for breast asymmetry, a handicap, or an illness that would have an impact on the body.
Today, Delphine and her team are developing a new post-mastectomy bra model in co-creation. They are looking for testimonials They are looking for testimonials, so that they can then organize round-table discussions to let people try out the new model and gather as much feedback as possible.

You can find Maison Finou :

  • December 15 and 16: in their workshop for a low-priced archive sale with a special holiday selection - at 28 rue Faidherbe, 75011 Paris, Atelier number 6.

    Appointments can also be made throughout the year via their website www.maisonfinou.com/rendez-vous/ or by contacting them directly by email at contact@maisonfinou.com to come and discover and try on pieces in their workshop/showroom.

Finou House

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