Fanélie Talut, winner of the 2022 Savoir-faire en transmission awards, is doing her internship with Eva Bellanger, weaver and textile designer, formerly resident at Les Ateliers de Paris.

Fanélie discovered weaving in 2021, then in the midst of a professional reconversion after a career in environmental protection. Initially wishing to work with wool but not knowing what technique to use, she decided to meet craftsmen and discovered this technique of interlacing threads: "After that, I started looking for a training that I could access as an adult out of school".

Fanélie then met Aurélia Leblanc, weaver and also former resident at the Ateliers de Paris, who spoke to her about the Savoir-faire en transmission prize and discovered the work of Eva Bellanger, her future internship supervisor, thanks to the national audit of weavers conducted by the Syndicat Professionnel des tisserands de Bretagne.

"When Fanélie contacted me for an internship, I had no time at all, I was in the middle of moving my workshop and I didn't see myself taking on someone in training. But through her strength of persuasion and motivation, she managed to change my mind!"

Eva Bellanger
Mame Bousso
Mame Bousso

For the smooth running of the course, Eva and Fanélie have organized a training schedule with practical work. Fanélie has time to try things out, make mistakes, at her own pace: "Since I arrived, I've woven quite a few braids, I've worked on tweeds for big brands, and now we're working on Eva's pieces."

Mame Bousso
Mame Bousso

Eva Bellanger divides her time between orders for her clients and teaching, and for a long time put aside her own productions: "I hadn't made any creations for myself for a year. I had to reorganize myself to relaunch my activity, and Fanélie's arrival was a real impetus in this direction.

For the rest of her apprenticeship, Fanélie wants to learn more about the relational and administrative issues when being a business owner:

"What I want to see now is how we can talk about our work to potential clients, partners or the media as well as the vagaries of a business: how to make an invoice, manage deadlines, material purchases etc."

Fanélie Talut

At the end of her internship, Fanélie would like to continue her apprenticeship by specializing in wool work and natural dyes. Eva, for her part, is ready to send her on a freelance assignment at
if need be: "We have a real connection and quite similar gestures, it's very important on the rendering of a production!"