Join us for our one-day workshop on global communication strategy, specially designed for artisans, fashion designers and creators. Explore with us the key elements of communication and discover how to create an effective strategy to make your artistic approach visible, promote your work and attract new customers! All in a relaxed, fun way!

Prerequisites : No specific prior knowledge is required to take part in this workshop. Just bring your curiosity, enthusiasm and desire to learn!

Objectives for the day :

  • Understand the fundamental principles of communication.
  • Analyze your brand identity to create coherent, authentic communication.
  • Develop a global communications strategy in line with your objectives.
  • Learn how to choose the right communication channels to reach your target.
  • Create compelling key messages that highlight your work as a designer.
  • Acquire the practical knowledge you need to successfully implement your communication strategy.
  • Exchange with other designers and share ideas to strengthen your network.

But also, and above all, to play it down, reassure you, give you concrete tools, be inspired and leave with a boost!


  • Highlighting the importance of global communication for participants, with inspiring examples of designers, artisans and fashion creators who have succeeded in reaching a solid audience thanks to their communication strategy.
  • Presentation of the different aspects of global communication: brand identity, positioning, key message, target audience, communication channels, etc.
  • Defining your objectives.
  • Identify your target audience.
  • Reflect on your value proposition: make sure that what you offer is unique and attractive.
  • Identify the key messages to convey, or how to create your own storytelling.
  • Analysis of your competition and best communication practices in your ecosystem.
  • Validation of a strong, coherent visual identity.
  • Deployment of the brand's message and identity, and choice of the right communication channels.
  • Action planning: setting up an editorial calendar.
  • Evaluate your results and make adjustments to keep your communication strategy relevant.

Trampoline : "Because being a designer, fashion creator or craftsman today also means being an entrepreneur, and because we don't always have all the keys or the distance to deploy ourselves, we created Trampoline. For the past 5 years, we've been helping artists, designers, visual artists, galleries and interior architects with their positioning, communication & image strategy, and business development."

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