First seminar: Entrepreneurship in Fashion

Aware of the challenges that fashion entrepreneurs face today when launching their brand, ADC Les Ateliers de Paris, The French Federation of Women's Wear, Fashion houses and the Designers' Village have decided to join forces and create a programme providing them with the necessary keys to build and develop their business project.

Composed of 9 one-day distance learning seminars, this course provides an in-depth look at the essential phases from start-up to the consolidation of one's business. This theoretical and practical course is led by recognised professionals and encourages meetings and the sharing of experience and expertise.

22 February - Entrepreneurship in fashion
- The essential stages of business creation
- Presentation of the ecosystem
- Entrepreneurs' stories

22 March - Identifying and strengthening CSR levers
- Turning your CSR commitments into real strategic levers

12 April - Strengthening your identity with the brand platform
- Presentation of the brand platform concept
- Methodology

May - Launching your product - from idea to market:
Product basics:
- Creative process, material research, price structuring
- Journey from idea to production
- Price
- Building the collection plan
10 and 11 May: Focus on shoes / 11 and 19 May: Focus on leather goods / 24 May: Focus on clothing

14 June - Anticipating legal issues :
- The legal elements to know
- The different statutes
- Contract law
- Distribution contract

5 July - Building your distribution strategy
- The commercial action plan (CAP)
- B2B and B2C distribution, the marketing levers
- How to define the right margin according to the distribution channels

11 October - Building your communication strategy
- Discovering the professions
- Building your communication action plan
- Marketing levers

12 October - Building your digital marketing
- Facebook manager, Ads
- Shopping tunnel
- Reading grid
- Glossary

8 November - Managing your activity
Which management for which economic model, main supports (CR, TT, Balance sheet)
- Construction of a dashboard, management tables
- Presentation of the different types of financing
- Focus Tax Credit Collection
- Speed dating with financing actors


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