The leaders of very small companies are interested in the media but do not know it, they do not even dare to consider relations with journalists in their communication strategy, or are afraid of them

However, it is possible to use the power of the media and the support of journalists free of charge in order to "make your know-how known" to your various target customers, prospects, prescribers, resellers, investors, bankers and partners.

Increasing your media visibility and transforming your relationships with the media into a powerful commercial tool to boost your business cannot be improvised.

Understand the constraints of the media, seize the opportunities, know the tricks to interest journalists, master the media codes and tools. These are the challenges that this practical and interactive workshop proposes to meet.

Detailed content

Speaker: With 25 years of experience in press relations and as the director of a leading agency in the art of living, Carine Petrucci masters all the codes needed to communicate effectively with journalists.

His agency has helped more than 200 companies to "make their know-how known" to the media, including a large number of small and medium-sized businesses.

She shares her tips, tricks and secrets in this workshop.

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