"At school you learn a lot of things, but there is one step missing to really be able to set up your own workshop.

Edith Théret, winner of the 2021 Savoir-faire en transmission awards, completed her internship at the Dablanc workshop.

After three years at the Beaux Arts de Versailles and after obtaining a DMA in stained glass and a DSAA at Ensaama, Edith discovered the prize through word of mouth. She obtained it and began her internship with Justine Dablanc, a stained glass artist and former winner of the prize, who has opened her workshop in the 18th arrondissement.

"I have seen and I know that this prize is beneficial. So it seemed only natural that I should also take on prizewinners. 

Justine Dablanc

During her internship, Edith was given assignments that she carried out independently, allowing her to gain confidence and realise her skills.

Édith Théret and Justine Dablanc

"The big projects seem possible to me now. - Edith Théret

"As you practice, you gain confidence, so it's less scary. - Justine Dablanc

One of his missions was to work for the Rempart union, in the framework of the restoration of a church and a castle, with craftsmen and volunteers.

"It was a week rich in learning and transmission! - Edith Théret

Édith Théret and Justine Dablanc

She was also able to carry out experimental research by conducting a project - with a time commitment of 900 hours - which allowed her to work with glass from recycled materials, without lead, solder or paint.

"In school we go through things, techniques, materials but we don't always have the opportunity to delve into them."

Édith Théret
Édith Théret and Justine Dablanc

Following her internship, Edith joined a shared workshop in the 17th arrondissement with a first clientele, taking advantage of the open door left by Justine to gradually set up her new workplace.

"Without this award, I would never have had the audacity to put it together so early.

Édith Théret

"It's a virtuous circle: giving and giving back work between small workshops, helping each other, collaborating, respecting each other..." - Justine Dablanc

Édith Théret and Justine Dablanc